Monday, May 25, 2009

How Could Your Career or Job In Jeopardized Where Rebellion Call-sign Meet With Officer Call-sign?

How Could Your Career or Job In Jeopardized Where Rebellion Call-sign Meet With Officer Call-sign?

Not merely your job could be in problem, it could further involves of you into other legal issues (官非)

From the old school theory, that would be a dangerous disaster when Rebellion call-sign meet with Officer call-sign.

This happen when you have the above call-sign in your Four Pillar (Bazi) birth-chart. Or when this sign meet in a Decade Pillar or Year Pillar (2001,2002,2003,2004....).

Here are the example of for the above mentioned....

However, some people would not have any call-sign as mentioned in their original Four Pillar Birth Chart but if they meet on Decade Pillar, the affects would be the same too, here are the exact example for you to study...

What would happen if your Decade Pillar step on this zone?

It would depends on other character in your Four Pillar chart. Rebellion call-sign on the other hand can be treated as a result of your mind-set, that mindset are set to offense your immediate boss (or hurt your boy-friend or husband in case you are a lady), especially your career and your immediate head. When people entered into this stage, he/she would fight for “unknown” caused that making both party about to break-out.

Should your Rebellion call-sign been energized by other call-sign like Wealth-Grabber (year,month,day), your problem would most likely involves of seeing the unfair situation from your boss treatment to your colleague or peers, with that mindset in mind, you tend to challenge their authority by doing something to caused the hard feeling on your boss, as such, you would soon reach the thresold of “having enough” and thinking of resigning and other options JUST to quick the job.

For other worst scenario type where involves of Wealth-Grabber call-sign, that would run possibility into illegal business to gain their wealth status, this is the true Rebellion vs Officer situation.

Nonetheless, not all Rebellion call-sign are having bad effects with the Officer, should you having the Fortune or Side-Fortune call-sign to proctect the Officer call-sign, you would gain your job-prospective as this is due to that Rebellion call-sign would supply its energy to Fortune call-sign, where it would further channel it energy to the Officer call-sign. (Four Pillar Intermediate level study).

So to concludes the story, Rebellion call-sign would bring positive or negative impact to you but subject to your original Four Pillar Birth-chart structuring.

Hope you enjoy reading! Let me know if you have any comments or idea to share.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are You The Leader?

Are You The Leader of Tomorrow?

In western firm, whenever selection for company chairman, the board would conducting a series of process to scrutinize the candidate to ensure he/she would succeeds and excel in the new post be it Chief Executive or Chairman.

But somehow the result may surprisingly turnout the unfavorably.

Because leader are truly born but not make. You may argue with me but this is true, when you arrival into this world, all the element code had made their coding into your DNA-code just like a hard-disk been formatting by adding in the program waiting to be execute when the time period been trigger-off.

If you are born with the leader character and your career post been energized by the upcoming periods, it would be the company benefit to employing you as to capitalize on your power, likewise, should you having the leader character but the element energy been siphoned out by other element in the upcoming periods, then the corporate would be in a doldrums situation.

This is the reason that some of the company in Asia corporate had consulted with those master “secretly” to determine the person whether are in favour of the company future growth as to minimize the waste of time and money to nurture the next leader. The only concern of course is lies on whether the “master” could handle the job properly.

So what determine the leader in Four Pillar (Bazi) Birth Chart Reading? Here are some of the factors been used and practices...

a)Whether your Officer or Fighter call-sign appear in your birth-chart?Officer call-sign together with Motherhood call-sign are the best combination style, this would ensure that your career are in the top-post and the director-board would tend to support your decision as long as they were no Rebellion or Savour God call-sign around in Decade Pillar or yearly pillar.

Look at the example here...

It is preferable the either Officer or Fighter call-sign appear alone in the Upper Pillar because if both call-sign stand side-by-side, it would create a lot of conflict to you which would making your career in a jeopardize mode.

Should your Fighter call-sign stand-alone in the Upper Pillar, it means your post are more towards “active action pack” than Officer call-sign, this would make you busy/stress/action all the time, because Fighter are referred as a “General” post in war. “Officer” are referred as “Judge” or “Ministry” in parliament or statesmen.

b)Officer or Fighter call-sign been energized.
Fortune or Side-Fortune are the best call-sign that would energized the Officer or Fighter call-sign, therefore would make your career powerful than other, that's the reason why both people with the similar qualification and experience but only one of it would be promoting to the higher-post.

When leader are in-charge, you could see them are always in the forefront to command and leads, unlike some “leader” are good in speaking but hide behind their staff when critical moment broke-out. I seen that “leader” before, it always around us.

May the force be with you Leader!

The Future Teller

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Career and Business Outlook in 2009

It is almost year apart since I made some prediction about world economic
situation and slump in stock market. With job cutting or retrenchment spread
around the globe. This is become a most fearsome moment since 1930
deep recession.

And every one are looking for the way out.

Many of my reader had ask me for Career & Business Prospect for their recent
Birth-Chart Reading.

Their question always ask whether could their birth-chart showing any sign of
getting re-employ back? Or, can they start the business?

It is possible for Four Pillar Birth-Chart Reading to tell you those sign, whether
you could benefit to work for corporate or start your own business. Because
every one of you are having different code inside your own birth-chart.

So, it is not too hard to tell where are you heading. If the practitioner cannot
tell you what would happen, when is your best moment to get interview, to launch
business, then, it is no-use for you to continuous as they themselves struck in
their half-empty vase knowledge.

However, you should prepared yourself that if the practitioner mentioned that your chances to getting job are below 50%, then you should take note for other option to seek help from your good friend or relative while working on job application.

In fact, not all people are getting bad-spells for this moment as some of the
“Wood's person” are actually getting their fortune growing continuously from
2008 events. Because, Wood's person would dominate and overcome the earth
as their “fortune” (正偏财), as long as their birth-chart are in a strong formation (structure).

Besides Wood person, if you are Fire elements people with Metal in your birth-chart,
you are in fact in your marvelous year to grow your business. Of course, it still subject
to your birth-chart with other elements surrounding without Water element in your
Year Pillar or Time Pillar, or else the result would turnout to be opposite.

To most of the world, this economic crisis would getting bad for the first three quarter.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Free Consultation would be stop for a while due to

I'm sorry that I have to stop the free consultation for a while as due to large respond from the reader. Besides, I'm been involves of few project for business development.

And have a great year ahead! Before I leave, let me give you a good advise about
the share trading (or whatever investement trade). The bulls would start slowing down as soon as we are getting celebrate the Chinese New Year 2008. But it would up and down till...getting intensed and "dangerous" stage from April onwards, until August, this would not be a good market for most of the trade, if you really wants to trade, ensure you are watching the market day-in and day-out.

I had made predition on this to my good friend last year for my similar prediction for the whole-year up-trend and down-trend move, it really proved what I'm said is correct.

From 2008 onwards, all personal prediction would start from US$197 as due to time involvement, accuracy and heavy work-flow.

Good luck to those of you involves and wish you all Happy New Year 2008!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Book of “The Secret” with Four Pillars I

It is such a tremendous success of the publishing the book for The Secret as it tops Amazon quite some time before handover the throne to others.

What’s gave The Secret such a successful run was the idea generated by the author Rhonda Byrne and group of good people to produce this fantastic book.

However, people do start ask me the question that how Four Pillars Birth chart analysis could possible compare to “The Secret”. If “The Secret” could get you what you all want, then, Four Pillars or Astrology would not stand any chance to defend it as we have the power to change our mind and fate.

Wow, this is a great gland question to answer as I’m also fans of “The Secret”.

However, it all lay clear for “The Secret”, use your mind to power up your vision and your goal.

Can you do that?
Can you follow the law mentioned by “The Secret”?
Can you practice it everyday?

What’s caused the Four Pillars Birth Chart analysis works differently with it?

The answer is really simple. It is the “force” that matters.

I believes number of people are getting so excited up after complete reading “The Secret” and began their suddenly power-surge to the peak level and they could conquer anything stand in its way and achieve the unachievable (prior to the reading).

This is good sight of “good force” that they are “shielding” themselves from other negative force (dictate in the birth-chat) and power-up the good force to maximize the success. And, for those of you having strong (good) force in your birth-chart, this could double up the effects as you about to launch your venture or project.

However, for those of you having the weaken shields (or force) would encountered the force from all the earthy, galaxy force would “effecting” your main-force and you powerful force would soon begin its regression as time lapsed. But if you are originated from the positive force (as indicated in your birth-chart reading), your “add-on” (The Secret) force could double-up or multiple as you flow with the force into achieving some amazing result.

I’m not saying “The Secret” would not work on everybody but the chances are in reality all of the law they mentioned in divine are original from the Universe. Just the Four Pillars Birth-chart Analysis gives you that “force” in the pre-design/pre-program format in your “chips”.

Unless you could successfully decode it and reprogram it, your life with “The Secret” would stay about the same.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007!

When our time cross today 4 Feb, 2007 2pm (14:00), you could declare it is our Chinese New Year and Fire-boar would take charge from here till next-year.

Therefore, if your baby were born at this crossing, you should treat him/her as a "boar" in Chinese Zodiac-sign.

This calculation are very important for those based on ancient Chinese Four Pillar Master doing the birth-chart analysis, likewise, those Feng-Shuei Master would annouce the re-structuring of the "Flying-star".

"Liap-Choon" means "establish of spring" as of its meaning.

Hope my reader have a wonderful year ahead!

Please keep send me your free-non-obligation birthday analysis to open a gate for your secret-side.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Four Pillars

Four Pillars
Without refer to my previous blog publish in 2005, some people ask me the meaning of those pillars I mentioned.

Just imagine that those pillars are like a real pillar in the building structure to form and support the building. You could see the strong pillar could support high-rise building but for those “small” or “weaken” pillar could only support those small structures.

With your birthday been decoded into a way of those pillars name it, year pillar, month pillar, day-pillar (represent your character too) and time pillar, it forms your life as it could be strong or weak are depends on the character & elements lies within the pillar.

For those strong character and structure form, the person could handle the wealth and famous in the higher-society. For those weaken character, you need to wait till your Decade Pillar to fortify your structure then you would be able to reap your harvest in the events your life crossing the wealth-pathway.

However, those enjoying with the strong structure in the original pillars (structure), they need to careful when their Decade Pillar work against the original form who could turn the pillars into a weaken position, then, the person no-longer could handle those wealth or goodwill and their life would begin their opposite turn into a miserable way. You may refer my previous blog for the affects.

This is the reason why getting your birthday “decoded blueprint” ahead could safe you getting trouble without any warning.

Remember, even those military stuff needs those advance radar system to detect enemy ahead, why not you?

Ancient Four Pillar Birthday analysis are normally refer by other as Bazi (direct transfer). The reason to name it Four Pillars is means to say that the formation of the people birth day/time/month and year.

After decoding, your birthday instant transform into a character code that enable us to describe your life as a journals.

Get your free-try today to check it awesome power of accuracy.